10 Cruising Tips from Travel Agents

10 Cruising Tips from Travel Agents

Travel insights from Andrea Sedlacek, editor of The Compass

New cruisers, experienced cruisers, hesitant cruisers – keep reading to get the inside scoop on cruises from the industry’s best resource: travel agents.

  1. Have a passport! Even if the cruise is a closed loop (starts and ends in U.S.), you cannot get back to the U.S. easily if you have an issue in another country.
    Yvette B., Travel Planners International
  2. Take the first hour or so you are on board and just wander around the ship. It’s okay if you get lost, but you need to check out all of the places onboard – and now is a good time to snap photos of yourselves in various spots onboard before you get too busy later in the trip and forget.
    Heather W., Off to Neverland Travel, LLC in Texas
  3. Plan on doing the excursions. That’s the best way to maximize your enjoyment of the ports the ship sails into. The smaller the ship, the more focus there will be on the destination. The larger the ship, the more focus will be on the activities on board the ship. The more ports, the better opportunity to experience the destination. Fewer ports means more shipboard time.
    Cathy R., Proven Choice Travel in Texas
  4. Prepaid gratuities makes your time at sea totally relaxed with no additional obligation.
    Kim W., Simply Ready Travel in Texas
  5. The ship is also a destination and should be enjoyed just the same. Take advantage of all things fun!
    Wendy W., The Cruise Geeks in California
  6. If the port of embarkation/disembarkation is in your bucket list, why not stay for a few days before or after the cruise and explore the area?
    Jessica A., Cruise Planners in California
  7. Plan ahead and be flexible, you can book cruises 12+ months in advance.
    Dionne A., Xstream Travel in Texas
  8. Don’t spend too much time in your room. Get out and enjoy what the ship, scenery and what the cruise director have to offer. Live it up! You’ll never see these people again!
    Leslie B., Meaningful Travel Memories in Kansas
  9. Always take a carry on with a swimsuit or extra change of clothes, due to the possible delay with your luggage getting to your cabin.
    Lynn S., Travel Planners International in Florida
  10. Check your passport expiration immediately – it needs to be valid for 6 months after you return. If you’re using a birth certificate and government issued photo ID, make sure they have a raised seal – not a hospital birth certificate. Always pack those documents in your carry-on luggage.
    Heidi M., Cruises & Tours Unlimited in Florida

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