Wellness on the Water: 5 Ways to Practice Self-Care While Cruising

Wellness on the Water: 5 Ways to Practice Self-Care While Cruising

Travel insights from Codie Liermann, managing editor of The Compass

You’ve been taking great care of yourself. You’re working out every day, eating healthy, drinking all the water, taking yourself to the spa – but you have a cruise vacation coming up that’s threatening to ruin these great practices you’ve put in place.

No need to worry. Going on a cruise doesn’t mean you have to ditch the wellness-focused lifestyle one bit. In fact, many cruise ships are promoting wellness and offering features to meet the needs of active travelers. While it’s important to be flexible, an all-inclusive cruise vacation doesn’t mean you need to toss your healthy habits overboard. Keep these self-care tips in mind as you embark on your next adventure on the water.

Explore the Ship

Getting some natural movement in on vacation is one of the easiest ways to burn calories, and a great way to do so is by exploring the ship. Wandering throughout all the decks will not only help your body to feel good, but you’ll also get the lay of the land in the process. Some ships even have a track to walk on.

Visit the Spa

Gorgeous spas are increasingly becoming a staple on cruise ships both large and small. Consider booking a massage, facial or another treatment of choice during your trip. It’s sure to help your body fully relax. In most cases, you can get a spa treatment scheduled before you even leave shore. Which means one less thing to worry about booking on board.

Find the Gym

They may not always be easy to find, but most ships do offer a fitness center on board. Whether you’re looking to get a few miles in on a treadmill or lift a few weights, getting a workout in as you coast through the water is an experience you don’t get every day.

Eat Nutritious Meals

Vacations are meant for indulging, so don’t be afraid to order your favorite cocktail or dessert. There’s no need to be overly strict with yourself, but choosing clean, healthy menu options at mealtimes can help you feel comfortable and energized throughout your vacation. Having a balance is key.

Stay Hydrated

This one is easy. Staying hydrated is one of the simplest things you can do on board to make sure you feel your best. Mix in a water between your fun drinks by the pool and carry a refillable bottle with you as you’re out and about.

About the Author

Codie Liermann is the managing editor of The Compass. She began her career in the industry as a travel advisor prior to working as an editor. With a passion for creating valuable content for travel advisors, she aims to develop meaningful relationships with all types of travel companies in order to share their unique messages with the travel agency community.

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